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Country Start

National Planning Intelligence
Business Start-up data
for each Country

Is available for most Businesses in most Countries

Country Start

For Business Start-up in any Country.

Reports for Business Start-up in any Country.
For your business start-up in your Country.
Indispensable Business Start-up Country data.
2,400 Businesses in 200 Countries.
National Business Planning Intelligence.

Country Focus reports on over 500 Businesses in over 200 Countries...

If you need impressive and trustworthy planning data for   your Business Start-up in   your country then you will want a
Country  $tart

Don't spend a fortune on such business planning information - the Country  $tart  reports cost just 259.

Don't despair because of precarious and uncertain forecasts  - the Country  $tart reports are explicit, are devised with fastidious detail and are only 159 pages.

Don't wait weeks to start your business planning - the Country  $tart report can be on your desk (by e-mail)in 59 minutes.


is 259.
is 159 pages.
59 minutes away.

  •   What is the value of Sales of a particular product in a particular country?

  •   How have National Sales developed in recent years?

  •   How are National Start-up Business Sales forecasted to grow in future years?

  •   What are the Products covered by the market?

  •   What are the Product factors in the country in question and for the Start-up Business?

  •   What are the Business Marketing Factors in the country and for the Start-up Business?

  •   What are the Sales & Marketing Costs + Margins for Competitors and the Start-up Business?

  •   What do the Accounts and Finances of the Competitors show?

  •   What are the likely Accounts and Finances of the Start-up Business?

  •   What are the Profits and Losses of the Competitors?

  •   What are the likely Profits and Losses of the Start-up Business?

  •   What are the Costs & Margins of the Competitors?

  •   What are the likely National Costs & Margins of the Start-up Business?

  •   What are the Operational & Management Ratios of the Competitors?

  •   What are the likely Operational & Management Ratios of the Start-up Business?

These and many more questions are answered by each Country  $tart report.


Country Start


Each Country  $tart report is written to cover any one specific Business Start-up in any one Country.  The content of each of these reports are outlined below:-

Country  $tart  Market Information gives you precise data on the sales revenues for the business in the country in question. The information is given as historic data for each year from 1997 to the present and then as a forecast to 2028.

Product Information

Product Definitions:  A full listing and definition of all the products covered by the report.

Product Indices:  Relative Price Indices by year. New Product Indices by year. Relative Product Quality Indices by year. Product Adoption Indices by year. Product Sales Conversion Rate Indices by year. Product Standardisation Indices by year.

Marketing Information

Marketing Indices:  Market Share Stability Indices by year. Sales Growth Indices by year. Capacity Utilisation Indices by year. Relative Forward Integration Indices by year. Relative Staff Compensation Indices by year. Relative Salesforce Expenditure Indices by year. Relative Advertising Expenditure Indices by year. Relative Promotional Expenditure Indices by year.


Marketing Costs & Margins

Sales Personnel Variable & Commission Costs
Sales Expenses and Costs
Sales Materials Costs
Total Sales Costs

Mailing & Correspondence Costs
Media Advertising Costs
Advertising Materials & Print Costs
POS & Display Costs
Exhibition & Events Costs
Total Advertising Costs

Distribution Fixed Costs
Distribution Variable Costs
Warehousing Fixed Costs
Warehousing Variable Costs
Physical Handling Fixed Costs
Physical Handling Variable Costs
Physical Process Fixed Costs
Physical Process Variable Costs
Total Distribution and Handling Costs

Product Returns & Rejection Costs
Product Installation Costs
Product Post Installation Costs
Product Systems & Configuration Costs
Product Service & Maintenance Costs
Problem Solving & Complaint Costs
Total After-Sales Costs


Country Business Launch / Start-up

Country Business Launch / Start-up: Having established the need for a specific business in a particular country and anticipating its potential success, the entrepreneur will need to know the Business Start-up costs and margins of running the business -   from year one to year six. The most critical six years in the existence of the business.

This report provides the basic information:-

  •    National Market Information, Market Size + Value

  •    Product Information

  •    Marketing Information

  •    Marketing Costs & Margins

  •    Financial Information

Additionally however, you need information on all these factors in respect of the Business Launch. Your Marketing Costs and Margins will be high at the beginning and will decrease (as a percentage of your turnover) over time. How will this effect your balance sheet? Initially your Sales and Profit Margins will be small - but should grow rapidly in the first three years and stabilise by year six. What will your Profit & Loss Account look like over the first six years?

Business Start-up questions are answered in this section. All the information in this report is re-assessed and repeated specifically in terms of your product launch. This means that you will be provided with information which will concentrate especially on the Business Launch and will give you a model or formula on which to base your business launch in the country. The information if given for the first six years of the Start-up of the business.

Therefore you will have two sets of data, firstly the data for the other (competitor) businesses in the country and secondly, the same sets of data again but specifically for the Business Launch. Thus you can plot the probable progress of your business against the data for your competitors' businesses in the country in question.

Thus this section provides the Product or Business Launch information:-

  •    Market Sales achievable from Start-up to Year 6

  •    Product Information from Start-up to Year 6

  •    Marketing Information from Start-up to Year 6

  •    Marketing Costs & Margins from Start-up to Year 6

  •    Financial Information from Start-up to Year 6



Financial Information gives you a Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Management Financial figures (for the suppliers of the Product or Service in the country in question) for the past three years PLUS a 6 year forecast (by each year) for each of the items listed below:-

Sales Revenue
Pre-tax Profit 
Interest Paid
Non-trading Income
Operating Profit
Trading Profit
Fixed Assets
Intangible Assets
Intermediate Assets
Total Fixed Assets
Miscellaneous Current Assets
Total Current Assets
Total Assets
Short Term Loans
Miscellaneous Current Liabilities
Total Current Liabilities
Net Assets
Shareholders Funds
Long Term Loans
Miscellaneous Long Term Liabilities
Capital Employed

Directors' Remunerations
Employees' Remunerations
Total Employees

Input Supplies/ Materials/ Energy Costs
Payroll Costs
Total Operational & Process Costs
Total Marketing Costs
Total Costs

New Technology Expenditure
New Production Technology Expenditure
Total Research and Development Expenditure

Capital Expenditure: Plant + Equipment
Capital Expenditure: Structures
Capital Expenditure: Miscellaneous
Total Capital Expenditure

Finished Product Stocks
Work in Progress as Stocks
Materials as Stocks
Consumables and Supplies as Stock

Debtors within Agreed Terms
Debtors Outside Agreed Terms
Un-recoverable Debts



Return on Capital
Return on Assets
Return on Shareholders' Funds
Pre-tax Profit Margins
Operating Profit Margin
Trading Profit Margin
Return on Investment
Assets Utilisation (ratio of Sales to Total Assets)
Sales as a ratio of Fixed Assets
Stock Turnover ( Sales as a ratio of Stocks )
Credit Period
Creditors' Ratio (Creditors by Sales x 365 days)
Default Debtors given as a Ratio of Total Debtors
Un-Recoverable Debts as Ratio of Total Debts
Working Capital / Sales
Materials & Energy Costs as a % of Sales
Added Value
Investment as a Ratio of Added Value
Value of Plant & Equipment as a % of Sales
Vertical Integration (Value Added as % of Sales)
Research & Development Investment as % Sales
Capital Expenditure Investment as a % of Sales
Marketing Costs as a % of Sales
Current Ratio (Current Assets : Current Liabilities)
Quick Ratio
Borrowing Ratio (Total Debt as ratio of Net Worth)
Equity Ratio (Shareholders Funds : Total Liabilities)
Income Gearing
Total Debt as a ratio of Working Capital
Debt Gearing Ratio (Long Term Loans : Net Worth)
Average Remuneration (all employees - full/part)
Profit per Employee
Sales per Employee
Remunerations / Sales
Fixed Assets per Employee
Capital Employed per Employee
Total Assets per Employee
Value of Average Investment per Employee


Value Added per Employee
Materials & Energy Costs as a % of Sales
Payroll Costs as a % of Sales
Payroll as a Ratio to Materials
Variable Costs as a % of Sales
Fixed Costs as a % of Sales
Fixed Costs as a Ratio of Variable Costs
Distribution Costs as a % of Sales
Warehousing Costs as a % of Sales
Physical Costs as a % of Sales
Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Distribution Costs
Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Warehousing Costs
Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Physical Costs
Fixed : Variable Distribution & Handling Costs
Product Returns & Rejections Costs as % Sales
Product Installation & other Cost as % Sales
Product Breakdown & other Costs as % Sales
Product Systems & other Costs as % Sales
Product Service & other Costs as a % of Sales
Customer Complaint & other Costs as % Sales
Stock Work in Progress & Materials : Finished Products
Stock Materials as a Ratio of Work in Progress
Un-recoverable Debts as a Ratio of Total Debt
Un-recoverable Debts : Debts Within Agreed Terms
Total Sales Costs as a % of Sales
Total Distribution & Handling Costs as a % of Sales
Total Advertising Costs as a % of Sales
Total After-Sales Costs as a % of Sales
Total Customer Compensation Costs as % Sales
Total Variable Marketing Costs as a % of Sales
Total Fixed Marketing Costs as a % of Sales
Total Fixed Marketing Costs : Total Marketing Costs
Variable Sales Personnel Costs : Marketing Costs
Variable Distribution/Handling Cost : Marketing Cost
Variable Advertising Costs Ratio of Marketing Costs
Variable After-Sales Costs Ratio of Marketing Costs
Sales Personnel Variable Costs : Ratio of Sales
Sales Personnel Variable Costs Ratio of Debtors

reports give you Market, Sales & Financial data and information, specifically for   your business Start-up in   your country, and are available for every major business start-up in all Countries.

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